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The University of Port Said is a pioneer in the field of community service. The University of Port Said holds a high level of scientific staff under the leadership of HE Dr. Shams El Din Mohamed Shaheen, President of Port Said University. Which set the first priority for all that serves the educational process for all projects proposed and discussed by university professors in various fields

As a result of this, the Office of the European Union for the development of education Erasmus + announced the acceptance of a project proposal for capacity building in institutions of higher education provided by a consortium of Egyptian and European universities led by the University of Port Said. The project aims to develop the requirements of the university in Egyptian universities using information technology using the expertise of educational institutions European high. The consortium consists of five Egyptian government universities: Port Said, Ain Shams, Mansoura, Suez Canal, Nile National University, and three European universities from Italy and Greece, as well as the Information Technology Institute of the Ministry of Communications. The project will continue for three years with European funding of approximately one million euros.

The project aims to establish new courses in the fields of information technology and flexible skills as university requirements based on a study of the needs of the labor market common to different disciplines. It also aims to develop new ways to teach these courses to large numbers of students electronically or in combination with the use of information technology. And the establishment of a training center for faculty members in Egyptian universities to activate these courses.

For his part, HE Dr. Shamseddin Mohamed Shaheen, President of Port Said University, praised the efforts exerted in this proposal until it was accepted by the Office of European Union projects for the development of education. This indicates that the University of Port Said has a great degree of ability to develop, Which will eventually serve the student, education and society in general

On the other hand, Prof. Dr. Ayman Ibrahim, Vice President of Graduate Studies and Research, praised the results of the project as a reference to the educational process and development of the university and other universities that benefit and increase the efficiency of the educational and research process.